Visa and residence permit for Germany


Dear Visitor /Dear Newcomer!

Before you come to DESY, please check the entry regulations for Germany . The information can be found on the website of the Federal Foreign Office (see link below).Please note that nationals of some countries can stay up to 90 days visa-free in Germany, but must apply for an entry visa for a longer stay. If you have any questions or need assistance in applying for a visa abroad, please contact the International Office!



All persons living in Hamburg have to register their address with the City administration. You can do this at any of the City of Hamburg's customer service centres (Kundenzentrum). When you move, you have to re-register on your new address in the same way. Required documents for the registration are the filled registration form, the landlord confirmation and an identity document (passport, or ID card for EU citizens), the fee is EUR12.

Residence Permit

All foreign nationals, who are not from an EU country, need to obtain a residence permit in Germany when their stay exceeds 90 days. For DESY guest scientists and employees, the competent office to apply for this is the Hamburg Welcome Center (HWC). The International Office will assist you to make a "DESY appointment" at the HWC and prepare the application documents with you.