Family Services

Moving with your family can be complicated, be it within Germany or from abroad to Germany. To make it easier for you and your family to get started, the International Office offers a number of family services.
We also support conference guests in childcare.
A Parents Child Office is at your service when it is essential to arrange work and childcare.
User guideline:

User regulation for the Parent-Child office -pdf-

We also offer consulting and information on the following topics:

Information about the DESY Kindergarten

Please contact the international office, the equal opportunity officer or the DESY kindergarten directly. A registration form needs to be filled in if you want to apply for a place for your child . You can find the pre-registration on the Kinderwelt website (only in German, but the form is in english)

Application for a childcare voucher with the Hamburg authorities

The team of the International Office helps you with the formalities.

Finding a day mother through the daycare office in Hamburg
The office with English speaking personnel helps you to find a professional
daycare and helps you with the formalities for a voucher.

Babysitting and housekeeping services

Applying for social benefits (childcare benefits and parental benefits)

The team of the International Office offers assistance with the formalities.

Schooling in Hamburg and Schleswig Holstein

Please ask for a list of bilingual schools at the International Office. In Hamburg you will need an appointment at the School information center (SIZ) before your child attends school.

Family reunion

The International Office assists with all administrative requirements which are involved.

Visitor visa for family members and friends from abroad

Tax class information for families

Language courses

The education department at DESY offers language courses for all levels
There are various private schools which offer language courses, please inquire at the International office.