Visa for other countries

Research work and scientific cooperation often make it necessary to travel to other countries. The International Office at DESY can advise you on travel regulations for different countries and assist you with the visa application formalities.

Note: With a residence permit for Germany (Aufenthaltserlaubnis), you need not apply for a visa to travel to another "Schengen state", unless you intend to work there or stay longer than 90 days per half-year.

In the list below, you see an overview of the visa regulations for the most frequently used destinations. Please get the most updated information from the websites linked below for each country before you submit your application.


  • application online under this link
  • additionally, application needs to be printed out and signed on the first page and under article 9.1.
  • required documents:
  • passport (valid at least for the following six months and with a stamp-free double page)
  • invitation with a red stamp (the purpose of the trip should be clear from it)
  • one biometric foto not older than six months (in color, white background, foto size 33x48 mm, head size 15-22mmx28-33mm); the photo should be uploaded with the online application and an extra photo needs to be submitted with the printed application
  • foreign nationals: copy of recent registration confirmation (Meldebestätigung, not older than six months)
  • data protection regulation form
  • support letter which you can get at the International Office
  • Issues of one-year visas on the basis of company invitation can be approved in case the applicant can prove at least two business visas within the last two years which have been used (proof of the old visas by entry/exit stamps; in Hamburg you will need to submit the original of the old passport, if applicable). If this is not the case, it is only possible to apply for a visa with double entry. If, however, an invitation is issued by a Chinese province government, the issue of annual visa is possible.
  • regular processing time 4 days; however, courier service may take couple of days more
  • personal application not required, can be handled through I.O.;
  • weblinks:Chinese embassy in Berlin (in German), Chinese visa application center (in English & German).


  • application not directly at the Russian consulate-general in Hamburg, but through the local "visa application center";
  • online application form needs to be filled and submitted first:
  • required documents: passport, invitation, electronically filled application form with biometric photograph, proof of health insurance, foreign nationals: copy of Hamburg registration (Meldebestätigung);
  • processing time 7-11 days, depending on which vkind of visa you apply for; express processing is possible;
  • personal application not required, can be handled through I.O.
  • Please note: citizens of the U.S., the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Georgia must submit one additional application form.

United Kingdom

  • application not directly to British consulate, but to Visa Application Centre (VAC) in Berlin, Düsseldorf, or Munich;
  • personal application required;
  • visa application form has to be filled and submitted online;
  • required documents: passport, printed application form with photograph, invitation;
  • payment of application fee and scheduling of VAC appointment are part of the online application;
  • before attending the appointment, a registration on the VAC's website is required;
  • regular processing time about two weeks;

United States

  • personal application required at the U.S. consulate in Berlin;
  • visa application form has to be filled and submitted online;
  • required documents: passport, printed application form with photograph, invitation, foreign nationals: copy of Hamburg registration (Meldebestätigung), required in some cases: CV, list of publications, credit card, possession of a return or transfer ticket, support letter from International Office
  • payment of the application fee and scheduling of personal appointment through a Visa Service Provider;
  • Some nationalities participate in the Visa Waiver Programm and can apply for ESTA (Electronic System for Travel authorization). Whether or not you are entitled to ESTA can be checked here (in German) or here (in English)
  • processing time between one week and several weeks;
  • weblinks: United States embassy, Visa Service Provider


  • application at the Japanese consulate-general in Hamburg;
  • personal application required;
  • required documents: passport, invitation, application form with photograph, support letter from International Office;
  • please enquire - alone or with the assistance of I.O. - at the consulate for necessary documentation;
  • weblink: Japanese consulate in Hamburg (in German and English)


  • application not directly to the Indian consulate-general in Hamburg, but to the agency Indo-German Consultancy Services Ltd. (IGCS);
  • personal application not required, can be handled through I.O.;
  • required documents: passport, invitation letter, application form, photograph (5cm x 5cm), foreigners: registration confirmation (confirming the address in the last two years if applicable) additional application form
  • visa application form has to be filled and submitted online first;
  • For conference visa the following additional confirmation from India are needed: Political clearance from Ministry of External Affairs and Security(MEA) , Clearance from Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) These confirmations will be applied for by the conference organizer after names of participants are known and takes approx. 10 days.
  • weblinks: IGCS, visa application form

Other countries

For some more countries, for instance the Republic of Korea, visa applications can be filed in Hamburg. In other cases you will have to contact the country's embassy in Berlin, e.g. Australia, Israel.
For assistance with the application procedure, you are welcome to contact the International Office.