All persons living in Hamburg have to register their address with the City administration. You can do this at any of the City of Hamburg's customer service centers (Kundenzentrum). You don’t need to do this immediately upon arrival but neither should you wait for too long. You have up to 3 months in order to find an apartment and register there. After you have found an apartment, you will have 2 weeks to register. When you move, you have to re-register at your new address in the same way. Required documents for the registration are

- the filled registration form
- the landlord confirmation and
- an identity document (passport, or ID card for EU citizens)
- for families: marriage certificate/birth certificate of children (legalized/provided with an apostille and translated into German or English or international certificates)
- the fee is EUR12

• Registration Checklist

On the HWC's webpage you can find the registration form in German, plus its English translation for guidance.