Medical Insurance


For the time of your stay in Germany, it is mandatory that you have medical insurance coverage. According to the type and conditions of your stay at DESY, you can insure yourself in different ways:
  1.. You are (going to be) a regular employee of DESY:
You will be insured through one of the statutory health insurance funds (Gesetzliche Krankenkasse). You typically apply for membership upon arrival or if the visa regulation require you to show statutory insurance when you for a visa.

Your accompanying family members (as long as they are not employed and don’t have any other income) can be co-insured without any additional costs.
2. You are a guest scientist, a Ph.D. student receiving a scholarship, or a DESY summer student:
In this case, you will have to register with a travel insurance. Some insurance products are designed especially for foreign guest scientists and their family members. To avoid problems with your visa extension in Germany, we recommend that you register with a German insurance.
All insurances of this type are limited in their coverage.