Liability Insurance

There is almost nothing worse than financial ruin caused by excessive liability claims.
According to German law, a person responsible for damages to a third party is also responsible or liable for making good these claims.
Private persons can protect themselves against such legal claims by taking out a

"Personal Liability Insurance Policy" also known as "Third Party Insurance"

This policy covers claims resulting from everyday situations. Such situations may arise whether one is for example, a guest, host, cyclist, pedestrian, shopper,- even if one is enjoying a hobby.


A personal liability insurance is advantageous to both the insured and the damaged parties. On the one hand, it protects the wealth of the insured person against liability claims; on the other hand, it guarantees that the third party will still receive due compensation, even if the financial situation of the person to blame is inadequate to settle the claim (cannot pay).

All longterm guests are required to have this insurance, which covers damages caused by the policyholder to another person's property (not included are furniture and electrical appliances). This insurance can be purchased through DESY International Office.
DESY is not liable for damages caused by guests to third parties.

Costs and Purchase of the Insurance

The monthly cost of the liability insurance is € 6.10, and it can be purchased via the International Office. The insurer is the "Basler" insurance company.

application/pdf Liability insurance (60KB)
Have a look at our info sheet on personal liability insurance